Hey, all! I wanted to take a quick minute and fill you all in on my current status over here at the Megalith Brewing project.

First of all, business classes are going well, I’m almost 3/4 of the way toward completing the Certificate of Craft Beverages program, and am currently learning a lot about marketing and promotion. A lot of it is putting names to things I already kind of suspected but didn’t fully understand, and the rest has been waking me up to how not-mobile-friendly all of my websites are! There’s going to be a website reckoning here soon, I suspect!

I’ve begun the process of planning my first major promotional push, which I’m calling “Megalith Brewing: Year Zero”! This will take place in the six months or so leading up to the grand opening, and will include a number of beer tastings and sampling events, tours of the facility I’ll be brewing at initially, hopefully at least one movie screening, and maybe even a live show or bowling night or something. Fun stuff. I’ll have a lot more details as that gets closer to ramping up.

And finally, I’m continuing to gather information about all of the steps that remain in this process, like getting my brewing license, putting together the beer cart and lining up a space in a cart pod, brewing my first batch of inventory, and making sure I have enough operating capital to support the business for at least the lean first six months or so. Trying to make sure I’m not focusing too much on keeping one of these plates spinning that I lose sight of another one and cause the whole thing to stall before it even starts.

For now I’m heading back to finish up the final week of Marketing class before the Accounting class starts up in mid-May. That’s the one I’ve been most concerned with, it’s going to cover a lot of information that I’m not experienced with at all. But, that means it’s the class I’ll probably learn the most from, so it’s worth it!

If you want to keep up with the latest, make sure you’re following Megalith Brewing on Facebook or Twitter, and if you’re excited about my progress please help me spread the word! I’m looking forward to sharing some great beer with y’all soon!