Hey, all!

Bittersweet news this time, as I’ve decided after a number of false starts and too-slow progress to suspend all plans to move forward with Megalith Brewing at this time.

I’ve really enjoyed the process of putting together the business plan, crafting the brand and developing the recipes for my pillar beers. I still think it’s a more-than-viable business model, it’s just too far beyond my resources to actually bring it to fruition right now. Between coordinating the licensing, buying and renovating the food cart (with approvals from both the Oregon Health Department and OLCC), and negotiating with an eligible food cart pod, there were just too many plates for me to be able to spin effectively while also working a full time job.

I’m going to be focusing my energies in the meantime on home brewing for fun and friends, and spending more time on my arts-based hobbies. I’ve got the idea to put together a quick DIY Homebrewing zine, and to publish some of the recipes I’d been developing for Megalith. I am also seeking work in the local brewing industry so I can at least put all this knowledge to good use for somebody.

And who knows? In a few years, if I still have the drive to see this through, and am able to put together the savings to make it happen, you may still be able to visit my beer cart/taproom/nanobrewery and have a pint of Laser Brain! Until then, thanks for the support and words of encouragement!