Hey, all!

While I’ve got the hot liquor tun warming up, I wanted to take a moment and let you know what I’m up to right now!

The Business of Craft Beverages classes are moving right along. We’re starting our fourth week today, and I’m still doing alright. The last week’s focus was on packaging and distributing, which are things I hadn’t really included as part of my initial business plan (since the idea is to start out only with retail on-premises sales), but it’s still a good thing to keep in mind. Now I’m really looking forward to the point when I can start offering special limited 22-oz bombers in my taproom, for people to take home to share with friends!

As the classes continue, so does my GoFundMe fundraiser to help pay for them! I’m already enrolled in the second of the four classes, but there’s still two to go, and I’d appreciate any help you might want to offer to help me cover the tuition costs. I feel a little bad even asking since I know I’m going to register anyway, but hey! If you want to help, I’m certainly not going to stop you from pitching in! Every dollar helps me get where I want to be.

Today also begins a week-long vacation I had planned last month, so that’s always exciting. Originally I had planned to make it a creative retreat, but then I registered for the business class and that has preoccupied my mind with thoughts of beer. So, instead I’m using the week to focus on class, and brewing! Thus, today becomes my first Brew Day of the week! I’m making my long-time favorite ESB, Laser Brain, which I think might become my brewery’s standard Pale ale before too long – it’s just so damn good. Rich, strong, and with a great mouthfeel. Going to be another great batch.

And if you want to give this beer a taste (along with the stout I made a few weeks ago, and a couple other batches still-to-come), pay attention to this space! I’m planning to have another tasting party to celebrate the completion of the first two classes in the Business of Craft Beverages series, so that’ll fall sometime in late March/early April. Looking forward to seeing all of your faces and pouring some good beer down your gullets.