Hey, friends! First I have to apologize for not updating this blog over the last 18 months. My last update still holds true as far as the next steps I’ll be taking in my quest to get this brewery up and running. I had to put the plans on hold for a long period while I re-evaluated a lot of things non-beer related. But now I feel like I’m ready to get back on track and start taking the steps toward my goal, and I’m going to need a little help.

This month, I finally registered for the first two classes in the Business of Craft Beverages certificate program at PSU. I do have some experience running both a small business and with running small organizations, but I don’t have any experience in the brewing industry. The research I did a year ago to put my business plan together showed me that while there’s a lot of industry information available online, there’s a lot more to running a commercial brewery that I wasn’t learning about.

For these first two classes, I was able to dip into my savings a bit to cover the cost of registration. The remaining classes will have to be paid for out of my earnings from my USPS job. I’m going to be taking on more overtime the next couple months to help out, but it would be great if I didn’t need to. A lot of my friends have already offered emotional support for what I want to do with the brewery, so I’ve set up a GoFundMe campaign to allow interested supporters to throw a few bucks my way and help me to cover the remaining registration costs.

I really want Megalith Brewing to grow from the support of the community, to let it be a reflection of my supporters and friends, and to let the community have some ownership over the business. When the time comes, I plan to do a larger crowdfunding campaign through Hatch:Oregon to raise the capital for the physical costs of starting and running the business, but actually selling equity shares in the business. But before that can happen, I need to feel more confident with my understanding of the craft brewing industry, and that’s where I hope that the certificate program fits in.

I don’t expect the campaign to cover the entire cost of the certificate program, but it would be great if it could lighten the burden of registering for the next two or three classes (one is optional, but I’d still like to take it, completionist that I am). I’ll end the campaign once I’ve registered for the final class, and will be posting updates on how the program’s going as I’m working through it. I’m also going to plan a supporters-invite tasting party to answer any questions about my plans and goals. So, if you want to help out, go show your support at the GoFundMe page!