Hey, all!

I know it’s a small step toward legitimate business stuff, but getting one’s brand locked down on all of the different social media you plan on using is a key part of any good marketing plan. Before I chose the name Megalith Brewing I did quick checks to make sure the name was available on these networks (it was!) – this was an important criteria for any name I was deciding on.

Yesterday I spent some time firming up all of those claims, so here are the official Megalith Brewing Social Networks! Do please follow us on any or all of these networks which you use!

Megalith Brewing on Twitter
Be sure to ‘Like’ us on Facebook
And Follow the brewery on Untappd
AND ALSO on Instagram!

…and of course our RSS feed (do RSS readers still exist? Surely they must…)

I should probably also think about a mailing list, but not sure yet what I would put on it. We’ll have to see how things shape up, if I have the need for a newsletter, then definitely a mailing list will be in the works.

Next step: Finishing the layout for this website, and pursuing financing!